History of the Legendary saiyan Shallot revealed! Dragon Ball Super Movie


Hey Guys Welcome To OtakurocksNetwork. Today we come with the History of Legendary Saiyan Shallot. Who is Villian in Dragon Ball Upcoming Movie, so lets start discuss about amazing points which tell us the most amazing secrets that Every Dragon Ball Fan want know,so lets start without any delay,

The Legendary Saiyan
The Legendary Saiyan

A New Character Named Shallot Introduced which is origanlly designed by akira toriyama and with it Dragon Ball Legends game Community also provides us a playable beta version to test the game functionally but with that it gives us a very good hint about the story or history of Legendary Saiyan Shallot.


In the starting Story of the Game We will see Goku vs Broly and after their fight we will gonna see the new fighter named Shallot with Trunks and he is chatting with Trunks, Lets breakdown the Story/History of Shallot The Legendary Saiyan.

Goku vs Broly

Shallot said that he dont know anything about him except his name( thr only thing he is able to remeber at that moment- Somebody commanding him to run Shallot) *He is Saiyan we dont even have to discuss about it.


When Trunks ask him about his Dress, He Replied Trunks that he didn’t know about it also but then Trunks reveal something that breaks our confusion of what going on exactly- Trunks said to him that a tournament is going on, to know strongest person in world/ universe/ between universe/ multiverse.

History of Shallot

As he is a saiyan so he must be the part of it as well who maybe belongs to a very new universe or maybe from different timeline.

Being said from different time, because when he is fighting with trunks against Zarbomms he is not able to transform into a Super Saiyan but as a Saiyan he is able to fight with them also.

Shallot has very agressive nature as well or it might be that he freaked out because he didn’t not even know a thing except his name now lets discuss main hint.

  • Shallot Repeat in many times in the beta version that he is getting tired of commands given by his upper level saiyans but why he feels like it because he didn’t know anthing about himself except his name?

Hope that these things will also gonna reveal and we will able to find what the exact things and the more things related to the story or history of Shallot in details as well

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