How to Start a Blog Free with Blogger[2018 Trick]

create a blog
create a blog

Hey Guys Welcome to Otakurocks Networks, Today we come with a topic how to start a blog free with Blogger. Nowadays Blog or Websites are biggest sources of Information and earn Money. There are so many Blogs avilable which can earn huge money more than websites, so let’s start with tutorial.

How to start a Blog with Blogger

How to start a blog
how to start a blog

Blogger is the Best and Totally Free Source to create a free blog. It is very easy to use No Coding Skills is required to use Blogger. Blogger is used by so many people around world and it is so simple for creating a good blog.

Step 1: Lets Start with Blogger

how to start a blog with blogger
Stsrt a free Blog Click Here

Click this Icon to Go to and Start your New Blog Free on Blogger.

how to start a blog on blogger
how to create a blog on blogger

Starting a new blog in Blogger is very much simple, it doesn’t need any coding skill and much computer expertise to create a blog on Blogger. Just Click on Create a Blog then it ask for gmail and other information after fill all information, it will ask you to create a new Blog.

how to create a blog
how to create a blog

Step 2: Now Choose Your Web Title and Web Adress for your blog/site in Blogger after that choose a good theme for Blogger. after all this process your blog is ready to use. Note: When you are using free domian name Your Blog Adress ends with If u need .com in domain you need to buy a domain through different Portals like Godaddy, Bigrock etc.

Step 3: Lets start with Dashboard of Blogger

How to Create a Blog[ Dashboard]
How to Create a Blog[ Dashboard]
Now your Blog is almost ready this is Dashboard of Blogger from here you can control all of content Themes in your blog. Write content from posts above and change themes from Dashboard. For Earning Options you should aplly for adsense.

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